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Open to Anko (and anyone I guess who wants to see them off)

His rationals were gathered. He was ready to leave for the mission to Otogakure. All he needed to wait for was the backup the Hokage assigned.
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[ Sorry it took so long. ^^; School and all.. ]

The fishnet-strewn vision of special jounin Mitarashi Anko was well on it's way, having just recieved word that more of her services were needed. This time she would not be retrieving someone who had left of his own will, but a victim of kidnapping. And the enemy would likely be expecting her. In addition to the Hokage's orders, Anko had recieved several unpleasant "notes" that could only mean Otogakure knew Sasuke was here and that she'd found him.

But Anko was niether intimidated nor afraid. In fact, she relished a chance not to have to hide. She wanted to face Orochimaru head on.

Within minutes she had landed soundlessly beside Gaara at the gates of Konoha.

"Oh, so it's you," she said as she rose and examined the Suna nin from head to toe.

She gave him a sultry smile, "I'm not used to working with someone so much younger."

And that much was true, she was usually in the position of teaching rather than cooperating with someone Gaara's age.
Gaara's stoic green eyes shifted to look at the kunouchi that spoke to him. His partner, obviously.

"In terms of waking ours I am awake 8,760 hours a year prior to the average person which is only awake 5,840 hours a year. Mulitplied by me real age of thirteen I have been awake 113,880 thus far. If you divide that by the average 5,840 that would make me nineteen and half years of age."
A tinkling laugh filled the air, Anko having thrown her head back and closed her eyes in full dramatic mirth. When her outburst was at an end she eyed Gaara, still smilling. "I like you already, let's go."

And, without waiting for some more cheeky commentaries, she was off. She assumed he would follow as she veered off the road and walked into the forest, about to begin the long trek to Otogakure.
Women are strange Gaara mused. His thoughts gradually thinking of the pink haired one from earlier today as he took off with Anko. They're all so different
[IM me next time you're on so we can talk about this. Again I apologize for the delay. I have a huge paper and this is like my break now. xD ]

They were halfway to Otogakure within an hour or so. The speed with which Anko jumped from treetop to treetop was phenomenal. She knew Gaara could keep up so she did not bother to look behind. She only spoke into the air so that he could hear over the wind.

"So, why did you accept this mission, anyway?"

She was eager to make small talk, Anko was feeling chatty and they had a little time to kill.
"Because I didn't feel like going home."