Mitarashi Anko (anko_sama) wrote in new_alliances,
Mitarashi Anko

A Fond Farewell.

Well, this is the end of the line folks. I am officially closing down New Alliances. Hardly anyone (including myself) is active. No one really had much interest in it from the beginning. They just joined because friends asked them to and so on. I appreciate everyone who did participate and made an effort to keep it going but I've just lost the drive to continue. Half our members have quit and I see little point.

I do encourage us all to remain in contact and do free lance RP with each other because I think everyone here is a fantastic player. In addition, I will continue the blog crew. But other than that this RP will be just a memory that was fun while it lasted.

Again, I appreciate those who did participate and those who made an effort. Thank you Tenten for the lovely layout and your hard work as well.

Good luck everyone and see you around.

I will keep you all on my BL. ^^
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