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Kabuto and Hinata in Konoha

Crouched low in the shadow of one of many clay-tiled buildings, a pair of eyes watched the lithe figure make her way down the empty street. The morning hour was early, and most were too loathe to leave their beds at the crack of dawn, leaving the entire town quiet save for the faint sound of birdsong.

Lips briefly quirked into a smile as she neared. He could make out her features--soft dark hair that was cut short, a thin mouth pressed into a worried line, and blank eyes that were wide and staring. His smile widened as she paused to peer down a narrow side-alley.

Ah.. yes, this is the one I was hoping to find. And such lovely timing, with none others here to delay us. The first rays of sunlight caught polished glass, glinting enough to hide his eyes. Hinata-san.. It's time to finish what I started with you during the past chuunin exams.

Her schedule was loose for the day - she had decided to stop by the training grounds for a few hours, before visiting Kiba and Naruto. A soft flush spread across her cheeks as she peered down the alley, before continuing to walk. I wonder if he thinks I've gotten any stronger...? Pale eyes weren't focused on anything as she walked - with no one out at this hour, there wasn't much of a reason to pay attention, and she idly plucked at the fur lining the bottom of her jacket. A mental list was running through her head, and she patted her pocket to make sure she'd remembered Akamaru's treats.

Pausing for a moment, she glanced around at the empty street before giggling. Just more silly thoughts, from the outward appearance of her actions, and she ran a hand through her hair as she continued on her way. I get the feeling that this'll be a good day, she thought as a smile spread across her thin lips.

The hidden figure moved then, just as she passed by where he knelt. He had set up a precautionary genjutsu, just in case she or another had been on the alert, but after seeing how absently she regarded her surroundings, he realized that it had not been necessary. With a single, fluid motion, he was no longer in the building's shadow but instead a pace behind the girl. Only a stirring of the air marked his passage.


The low voice came from directly behind her.

Hinata literally jumped with shock before spinning around, not recognizing the voice at first. Upon spying the other shinobi, she gasped and took a step back. She knew him, but from where? The foreign headprotector threw her off, and her eyes twitched upward as she thought.

"Kabuto-san," she spoke softly. From the Chuunin exam - the traitor. There was a mental battle as she fought not to think of what this encounter might mean, and slowly she brought her hands to her sides, as she looked up at him.

"W-what are you d-doing here, Kabuto-san?" was the only question she could think to ask - even if she tried not to look nervous, her stutter gave her away. One thing Hinata could not pull off was looking entirely confident.

"I came to check in on my patient, Hinata-san." The amused smile remained on his lips as he studied her, noting fully at just how disturbed she was by his presence. Kabuto had been mildly surprised at how fiery she had grown when pitted against Neji during the past exams, after watching her mannerisms for so long, but he was well aware that even if Naruto were there urging her on, she would not be able to muster much confidence right then.

"After all.." The Oto-nin took a step forward, "I would be a poor medic-nin if I were to abandon the ones I've treated so quickly."

Move. she thought.

"K-k-kabuto-san, what d-do you want with me?" Hinata stood stock still, frozen with fear. An analagy of a deer and a spotlight flashed in the back of her mind, but she didn't pay attention to it.

Move. again, a little more urgently.

She mentally cursed at her weakness, and shakily took a step away from the Oto-nin. Releasing a breath she didn't realize she had been holding, sandaled feet slid back again. Distance seemed to be on her mind as she slunk away from him.

"I just told you. I'm here to check in on my patient."

Kabuto suddenly was directly in front of her, reclaiming the small distance that Hinata had struggled so hard to put between the two of them. And his grip was surprisingly gentle, although unyielding, as his fingers wrapped around her left wrist.

Hinata's eyes flew open and she looked up at him with an expression of pure terror on her soft features. The breath that started coming faster from her thin lips gave away the fact that she might be starting to hyperventilate - this was all too much to handle so early and so unexpectadly.

"K-kabuto-san!" Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, and the look of terror remained. "L-let me go! Please! I beg you!" A peek of white teeth showed for a moment before they clamped into her lower lip hard.

"Shhh.." The oto-nin leaned in close to whisper beside her ear. "There's no need to panic. I'm only taking you somewhere where I can make certain that there are no bad after-effects. We shouldn't be gone too long.."

Only long enough to study a few things. And to draw a few others back to Otogakure, he ruefully added to himself, watching Hinata’s expression shift between varying stages of fear.

He drew her captured hand up higher while concentrating chakra into his left. "Besides.. Wouldn't you rather be where there were those who actually appreciated you present? Those who did not try and hide you away?"

She was shaking her head back and forth, but those last comments did not fall on deaf ears. Somewhere in her mind she agreed with them, and then cursed herself. Kiba-kun and Shino-kun and Kurenai-sensei appreciate me! she told herself, and brought her right hand back, concentrating chakra into her fingertips. A look of defiance started to creep into her fearful eyes.

"I.. I like where I am, Kabuto-san. I'd r-rather stay h-here," she stuttered before drawing in her breath sharply.

"I'm afraid that's not an option, Hinata-san."

And with that, Kabuto raised his free hand, pressing splayed fingertips to her forehead. The drowsiness that overtook her was almost immediate.

When his hand moved, she activated her Byakugan, but it was too little too late. Her lips parted, and her eyelids drooped as she fought the jutsu.

"N-no..." was all Hinata could managed, softly whispered as the world seemed to fade from existance. Her eyes closed, and she collapsed against the Oto-nin.

Hefting her dead weight, Kabuto cast a surreptitious glance up and back down the street. They remained alone, and he could not detect any nearby chakra fluctuations that would indicate an alerted passerby.

The sleep-inducing jutsu would last for several hours with the potency at which he had prepared it. Several hours was more than enough time for him to put miles between himself and Konoha, more than enough to slip out undetected with his quarry.

For a fleeting moment, the Oto-nin entertained the notion of allowing some of the Konoha-nin to spot him, but he quickly dismissed the idea in favor of safety. And the knowledge that when they finally discovered the Hyuuga heir's abduction, and just who was responsible, there would be more than just a little panic among certain clan members.

Concentrating on the trigger point far without Konoha's walls, Kabuto activated the one seal necessary to draw both him and the unconscious Hinata out with but a puff of acrid smoke to mark their departure. The faint trill of morning birdsong continued, uncaring and oblivious to what had just transpired.
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