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So it's been a while...

OOC Business: Well, recently it seems lots of people have either decided to leave or just not to be active. So, I'm asking you now, if you want out, post here and let me know. Also, it has come to my attention that a Timekeeper might be a good idea. Something like this might keep things more organized. If anyone wants the job please reply here also.

IC Business: The wonderful Gaara-mun has started this technique here so I will implement it as well. I am going to make a post, in reaction to Hinata's abduction. Anyone who wishes to RP with me just reply with your post and so on.


The girls name was flashing in her mind as she stood before the large panes of glass that gave her a clear view of the village. She was missing, and the report had just passed through her fingers only moments ago. Who could have taken the Hyuuga? And
to what purpose? All questions that made her stomach tie itself in knots. The knots only grew more bothersome when she thought of the possible answers to these questions. Answers that might lead her in the direction of Otogakure.

But was it silly to make that assumption so soon? Should she ignore that nagging voice in the back of her mind?

In her hand she crumpled a piece of paper without realizing it. Her eyes roved the vast forest outside the Konoha border.

"Where is she," she cursed silently to herself.

And then... a more sinister thought crept into her mind.

What if...

No! Musn't think it! Musn't call upon this thought for fear the summon would make it real.

But the mind will spin webs of worry and doubt no matter how many times you will it to stop.

What if Hinata is a trade? The son of Uchiha for the daughter of Hyuuga?

The nausea that swept over her was a sure sign that she'd hit the bullseye. No other explanation made more sense. Add to the fact that none had seen anything out of the ordinary. That made things much more vivid. Only the Sound nin would take such care.

But she would not sit and wait for a note... for a trade. They were out of luck if they thought her that kind of leader.
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