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RP Log

RP between Sasuke and Sakura

Receiving word that Sasuke-kun had been admitted to the hospital not too long ago, Sakura went on the mission to see him. She didn't know how to react when she did though, all she cared about at the moment was to see him and know that he was all right. She had to sneak in and make sure she wasn't caught by any of the nurses or any other staff members. If she was caught, then she would've been in trouble. Especially with the new Hokage, Tsunade. Finally making her way towards his room, she stopped infront of the door. Before she entered, she leaned her ear against the door trying to see if she could hear anything. She gulped, freezing once her hands reached out towards the doorknob. She had to see him, there was no turning back. Quickly, she forced herself to open the door but not the whole way. She peeked in, and looked to see him there hoping that her presence wouldn't be sensed too early.

At once the bedridden avenger snapped to attention. His sharp sense picking up on the footsteps before they had even reached the door. Sasuke slept little, his injuries still apparent as he didn't have the Kyuubi's healing abilities. He had been kept in this 'prison' for what seemed like forever to him, and was slowly being driven insane. Cold ebony eyes narrowed on Sakura, no greeting was offered, but he did move to sit up. What did Sakura want? Sasuke's lips pulled thin, pale face turned to glance at the covered window, still he was not allowed out or to even leave the room without a doctor or nurse. He simply pretended to ignore her.

She jumped back a bit when he looked at her, and knew that he wouldn't even greet her. she was used to him, and knew very well that he wasn't that type of person. She was hesitant, but she came to see him so there was no turning back. Placing her fingers unto the door she opened it even more until she was completely inside of the room. slowly closing the door behind her, she stood there looking at him. He looked so..pale and so tired and irritable. It seems like he wasn't even allowed to go outside. She looked towards the windows and saw that they were covered.

How could they treat you like this?

She pursed her lips into a smile before speaking

"It's been a while, Sasuke-kun.."

Almost with a stutter she said his name.

The room was dark, the only light pouring in was from the gaps the covered window allowed to fill the room. Silence, Sasuke took a moment to acknowledge Sakura. After a few minutes of complete, unnerving silence Sasuke turned his head. A hand reached up to brush his bangs away from his vision.


Muttered the Uchiha, in a terrible uncaring flat tone. Orbs turned to regard her, the same lost, empty look to them. His hands were coiled into fists, digits tightly locked a sign of his built up frustration he was wasting time here, in this village with these people.

"It..must be hard for you.."

She said, but careful to make sure that it wasn't in a sort of pity tone. If she had done so, then he would've snapped on her saying that he didn't need her pity and so on. It hurt her, crushed her knowing how they were treating him. She walked up closer towards where he was, as if her feet were controlling her and not her body anymore. She continued to smile, even though inside she was hurt and lost without words to say how much.


Sasuke shot a look of venom into Sakura's direction, his eyes narrowing to thin slits.

"Yes, getting that far to making a step towards my goal, then having it all snatched away from me in an instant, it is hard for me."

Konoha didn't care about his goal did they? they just wanted to keep him away from Orochimaru. Sasuke didn't care, someday he'd get back there and obtain the power he desired. Sasuke was losing it, his head turned away to look down at his fists.

"Are you here to gloat that I was captured and returned to Konoha?"

She stepped back, clutching her hands together against her chest. she didn't mean it like that, and now it seems like instead of trying to comfort him it only made it worse.

"I..I didn't mean that.."

She looked the other way.

"I was only trying to comfort you, but now I know that there's nothing I can really do about that, now is there?"

She wished that her words would somehow reach deep within him and spark sometime instead of the hate and spite he felt for his brother. She wished there was something she could do, anything

"You mean you feel sorry for me wasting away here, when I could of been growing stronger."

Sasuke's voice rose, his words shaky as some of the built up anger managed to leek out all at once. It was fine for Konoha, they just didn't care, didn't care. That's what he kept telling himself anyway. Sasuke was not himself, and not in the right state of mind. He was a danger to himself and those around him, perhaps it was because the youngest Uchiha was always used to getting what he wanted.
In a way, she did feel sorry and she did feel a sense of pity. But that was only because she was worried about him. She worried about him all the time. Especially with the current events that had taken place. All she could do was worry!.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm sorry if I come off that way but I'm only worried about you!".

She gulped, swallowing in her words before turning to look at him to continue.

"I care about you too much! You know how I feel about you."

A tear fell down. She was trying her best to convince him but she wasn't sure if her words were enough

"So even after I told you our paths would change, you still insist on following a pointless, childish crush you have on me."

Sasuke glared at her, his haunting, emotionless eyes suddenly alive with pure anger.

"If you care, you'd of just left me go that night. I bet you set Naruto and the other up on this mission they were given."

Sasuke turned to fully look at her know, a firm frown painted on his face. He really didn't understand what he wanted, it seemed everyone within Konoha was trying to keep him from his goal.
She wanted to scream out that his words weren't true, that in fact it wasn't a crush but that she loved him. But, there was nothing to convince him anymore was there?. She promised herself that she wouldn't lose hope when talking to him, but..it was so hard..

"Actually, Tsunade-Shishou was the one who set the mission, not me. I wanted to come along as well, but Shikamaru said that my duty was already done. If I hadn't persuaded you to stay, then they had to force you."

She gulped, continuing.

"And, it's my choice to love you."

she said it, firm and simple.

"No matter, how hard it is to do so.."

A couple of more tears fell she wiped them away with her finger before looking at him once more waiting for his reply. even though she knew it wouldn't be a positive one

"I don't care, it's done."

Sasuke snapped, rasing his voice above hers before she had even come close to finishing that last line.

"I said it before and I'll say it again. Konoha is nothing more than my birthplace."

The kataki just didn't care about her feelings, the days of wanting to protect his precious people seemed gone, all the stood before him was darkness, the only path he could see that lead to power, power he needed to aid in revenge.

"I never asked anyone to come after me, this village is so selfish."

She tried to raise her tone higher than his was before she spoke, but all she could do was whimper.

"Konoha isn't selfish, Sasuke-kun. They just, they don't like the way you're taking care of your 'ambition'. Revenge won't get you anywhere, it'll only destroy you. Is that what you want? Once you finish your revenge, what are you going to do?"

She sighed.

"Revenge alone will not bring you happiness. Besides, going to Orochimaru is not the best way. If you want revenge, then train and become stronger but..if you go to him he'll only take your body. He's using you Sasuke-kun!"

That last line was loud enough for the whole hospital to hear. It was her last chance to convince him. If she couldn't do it, even though she wanted to be the one to convince him, then hopefully someone else will. She began to sob, wiping away the other tears that fell with her fingertips standing there looking weak and pathetic to him. but to her, she was only worried because she loved him and she didn't want him to go down the path he had chosen even though she knew there would be no way of convincing him

"Stop talking like you know me. You can't understand what I've been through. I don't need anyone telling me what to do, you're annoying."

That was it, Sasuke stopped talking there, it was pointless to go on, he was not listening to her, and anything he said he was pretty sure she'd try to counter it with some ridiculous reason. The door burst open, complete with an angry nurse, who had spotted Sakura. Sasuke threw them both a glare, and turned to roll into his side, giving them both his back. He'd simply ignore them both till they went away.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get in contact with the other members to establish an RP. I'll try and get in contact with Gaara-mun and the others.
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