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New Alliances

A Naruto RPG

New Alliances - A Naruto RPG
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This is a Naruto RPG that takes place after episode 134 of the anime. The reason for this is we want to do our own spin-off of what happens to Sasuke. If you have not seen up to this episode, joining this community may be difficult and likely spoil you. So, be warned.

1 - Please be courteous to your fellow RPers and be mature in your IC and OOC behavior
2 - Please make a journal for the character you are playing
3 - Posts can be either in first person or third person, it is a matter of your preference, just make them solid and well thought-out.
4 - Please be active. If you plan to abandon the community after a short time, then don't join, it's that simple.
5 - AIM and MSN RPs are acceptable between members, just please post a transcript so people can catch up with what is being done.
6 - Out of Character chatter can be done outside your cut, but in the cut it must be In-Character!
7 - Please learn about LJ Cuts in the Help section.
8 - Lastly, you MUST have either an AIM or an MSN name! (Preferrably both!) You can make one for free, so please do so if you have not.

Please send your completed application to mercilessheart@hotmail.com
Upon approval, you will be allowed to join the community under your character journal name.
Note: Please do not make a character journal until you are accepted.
Name: (alias or otherwise)
LJ username:
E-mail address:
Sample Entry:

Haruno Sakura - kunoichisakura
Uzumaki Naruto - mmmm_ramen
Hatake Kakashi - copy_cat_jounin
Uchiha Sasuke - uchiha_sasuke_
Aburame Shino
Hyuuga Hinata - have_i_changed
Inuzuka Kiba - piercing_fang
Yuuhi Kurenai
Akimichi Chouji - akimichi
Nara Shikamaru - _shikamaru
Yamanaka Ino - shining_cosmos
Sarutobi Asuma - _sarutobi_
Hyuuga Neji
Rock Lee
Tenten - perfecthitrate
Maito Gai
Mitarashi Anko anko_sama
Morino Ibiki
Namiashi Raidou
Shiranui Genma
Yamashiro Aoba
Hagane Kotetsu
Kamizuki Izumo
Nara Shikato
Umino Iruka
Yamanaka Inoshi
Orochimaru - _serpent_sannin
Tsunade - tsunade_the_5th
Yakushi Kabuto - yakushi__kabuto
Gaara - silly_tanuki
Temari - kirikiri_mai
Hoshigaki Kisame
Uchiha Itachi

Mushaningyou - mushaningyou